Our Projects

Child Care:

Day Care centres:   SCAN-INDIA is more concerned about the children as they are the future citizens and architects of the country.  Improving the lives of young children is a major commitment of this organization.  A large number of children in the villages lack basic education health care and nutrition to grow strong physically and intellectually. We value the importance of childhood in shaping their dreams, aspirations and potential for the future.  Scan India runs day care centers (crèches) for the rural children to lay a strong foundation in primary education and health & hygiene areas.

These centers function as pre-schools with a strength of around 25 children each between the age group of 1-5 where they get fundamental primary education, health care, recreation and nutritious meal. These centres are also equipped with toys and learning materials for the exclusive use of the children.  After the pre-schooling these children are admitted in the regular formal schools for further education.   SCAN tries to offer these underprivileged children a childhood that will have a positive impact on their later lives equipped with good education and values


Women Empowerment:

Women in rural India have historically been the victims of inequalities and vulnerable to economic and social exploitations.  A vast majority of these women belong to the most backward communities in the Indian social hierarchy.  They lack basic education, health care & social awareness and face various problems like poverty, unemployment, underemployment, landlessness etc,. 

One of the important things we do in our work among the women is to organize these marginalized groups for development.  Women self-help groups were formed to empower them socially and economically. These groups involve in savings and credit activities for income generation and take part in the various leadership development programmes.  Through these programmes we make them aware of their social and economic rights.  We provide them functional literacy, accountancy and job oriented skills to improve their socio-economic condition. 


Youth Development:

Youth are the part and parcel of the social and cultural system of our society.  Young people in the rural areas experience difficult challenges and face the burden of insufficient access to information, services and support.  Even today, quality education and opportunities are a dream for many children and youth in the villages and they face the problems of poverty, unemployment and other opportunities. These kinds of situations force them to take up the path of extremism and anti social activities.

Therefore Scan-India conducts leadership training workshops and vocational skill trainings to channelize their potential for their own development.  Counseling, Career guidance, Personality development and sensitization programmes are conducted for their welfare and development. The National council of Rural Institutes (NCRI) under the Ministry of Human Resources Development, Government of India supported our youth sensitization and development programmes in the past


Health Care:

Health is not just freedom from disease; it concerns the well being in all areas of life.  Despite a remarkable improvement in health indicators during recent decades, these benefits are not reaching the vast majority of the people in our region. Inadequate access to health care, Low nutritional status and sharp economic poverty are the common problems in the rural areas.  The recent outbreak of diseases like HIV/AIDS, Dengue, chikungunya virus are major concerns which needs to be tackled.

SCAN India conducts health and hygiene awareness programmes and provides health care to the poor and needy in the communities through health camps and clinics.  Many poor people get benefited through such medical camps and we believe that such programs make a major impact in reducing the illnesses and relieve the suffering of the poor from many diseases in the remote areas of our region.


Education and Skill Develpment:

Nothing liberates and empowers a person to self-sufficiency quite like an education.  Without an education the cycle of poverty remains inevitable.  India is home to 20% of the world’s out of school children and accounts for 20% of the world’s gender gap in elementary education.  Adding to this is the staggering dropout rate among the rural children as they are often needed by their parents to work in the fields to support their family income. Scan’s programmes promote education as a right and conducts adult literacy, non-formal educational programmes to the women, men, school dropouts, child labourers and street children and leads them to the path of progress.

Vocational skill training:

India suffers from a high unemployment rate, especially among young people. Vocational Skill training is imperative for the poor and unemployed youth to find employment. A vast majority of the youth in the villages is unemployed due to lack of job-oriented skills and is leading a difficult life of poverty and deprivation.  Therefore SCAN-India conceptualized an exclusive skill training centre JIVT and launched it in the year 2010 in Chittoor town.

Johnson Institute of Vocational Training {JIVT}    

The JIVT (Johnson Institute of Vocational Training) is presently the most important project of SCAN-India.  JIVT offer courses to young people in Computer applications, Spoken English, Sewing & embroidery and entrepreneurship skills with a support from the Rotary Schleswig, Germany.  The centre has trained more than 1000 youth from the rural areas so far and a majority of them are employed in various companies and some are self employed in their own villages and towns. We envision a world in which all the children and youth have quality education and job skills to reach their full potential and contribute to the society.


Water nd Environmental Conservation:

Safe Water:

Access to safe water is a fundamental human need and therefore it becomes a basic human right. But a large number of populations have no access to safe water in the rural and urban areas in India.  It is identified that 21% of communicable diseases in India is related to unsafe water.  Ensuring safe water and sanitation for the people is an important task of our organization. Drilling bore wells, construction of overhead tanks with pumps and educate people on rain water harvesting and water conservation and treatment methods are some of our intervention activities.


Agriculture is the backbone of the country’s economy and most of the rural population practices agricultural activities for livelihood.  But due to irregular rains and lack of water for irrigation, farmers who hold lands are facing many hardships in our region.  Therefore to improve the agricultural output for better food security and to help farmers to generate regular income, SCAN assists the farmers by providing technical assistance in horticulture, organic farming, vermi-composting, waste land development etc., involving the experts in this field.  Our efforts improve the rural economy and make the communities self-sufficient.

Environmental awareness and conservation:-

Schools are an ideal setting for promoting environmental awareness. Scan-India conducts environmental awareness and conservation programmes among the school children and the women groups in the community. Massive tree plantation programmes, kitchen gardens, awareness on solar energy and medicinal plants conservation are some of the remarkable programmes being organized to educate the children and adults on the protection of environment.